Nerang Retaining Wall – The Unseen Issues

A recent client in Nerang had a timber retaining wall, with timber fence attached, leaning into his neighbour’s property. A timber deck was built out to the retaining wall. Not an uncommon scenario.

The highest portion of the retaining wall was 1.6m. As the site was cleared and existing wall demolished it was discovered that the deck had sunk about 50mm, not apparent during initial site inspection prior to work starting.

The concrete footings for the deck were about 500mm deep and hard up against the retaining wall. In a nutshell, the compounding loads from wet soil, deck, and fence were too great for the timber retaining wall.

As the retaining wall exceeded a meter in height a design for the wall had been done by an Engineer. The solution for the deck was to fabricate 2 x steel posts with concrete footings at the same level as those at the base of the retaining wall. This then ensured that no weight from the deck was added to the retaining wall.

The new retaining wall was made from concrete sleepers and galvanized ‘I’ Beam posts.

The finished product is a nice net job that is structurally strong with a retaining wall that will last as long as concrete and steel will.

The lesson with this project is to be very careful when considering timber retaining walls. They may be cheaper to build in the first place however the real expense will come when they have to be replaced along with the landscaping.

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