Pre-purchase Property Landscaping Considerations

Before Building Consider Your Landscaping and Access

Recently I was asked by a prospective client to quote some retaining walls and associated landscape works for their property.

The back yard had a 3m fall to the back corner. Not much fun for the kids playing footy or dad’s dodgey hip.

Access to the back yard was a 1400mm path, after the side gate was removed. The only other access was a rear easement with a very steep slope, only suitable for tracked machines.

When working through the process of how the work would be done it would be fair to say that half of the cost involved would be due to limited / no access for equipment and materials.

The lesson here is to carefully evaluate the land that you are purchasing and consider the external landscape costs along with the new home costs.

A great deal of money can be saved before the home is built by retaining and levelling the rear yard before constructing the house.

Where you buy or build your home has a profound influence over your ability to meet your existing and future landscaping needs.

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