Loading Slab Remediation for Stockpile Area

Condong Power Stockpile Area Loading Slab Remediation

Due to heavy rain and wide spread flooding throughout the Tweed Valley in April 2017, saturated subsoil caused failures in some of the areas within the stockpile area that are required to support heavy traffic loads on a regular basis.

One such area was the ‘Runway Slab’ to the loading hopper where a 30 tonne front end loader feeds wood chip to be conveyed to the power station furnace.

As the loader passed over the slab it would heave and upon entering the loading bay a fountain of water would squirt up about a meter high.

March 2018, Farquhar Projects were awarded the contract to execute remediation works. The design Engineers required the existing 200mm slab to be removed along with 800mm of sub base. Two sumps were also installed, firstly to control ground water during construction and secondly for ongoing control of ground water as required.

Reinstatement of new runway slab consisted of a Geogrid Fabric, 750mm drainage ballast topped with a 250mm / 50mpa concrete slab. Due to external factors, the initial works timeline was brought back from three weeks to two weeks to bring the plant back on line by a given date. The works were completed and loader on the runway in 13 days. A big thank you to my crew who worked through the rain to get the demo done.

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