Pouring a Concrete Slab with Challenging Logistics

Pouring a Concrete Slab with Challenging Logistics.

A Currumbin Valley shed needed a 8m x 30m concrete slab. This was not a big job as such however it had some logistical challenges. Upon entry to the property you are met with a 130m driveway on a 22 percent grade. At the house there is a 3m space between the corner of the house and a lovely palm tree in which your truck with excavator on the back can pass through.

Another 250m further on over a clay and grass hill brings you to David’s new shed site. The job was quoted in the dry. A concrete truck did a trial run and got to the slab site in the dry. We are good to go.

Friday 13th October !!!, shed slab prep finished and Engineer has passed so ready to pour Monday and confirmed with concrete, pump and concreters. Saturday rain. Sunday rain, total for weekend was 250mm. Odd showery weather in the ensuing weeks kept the site in a state that prevented heavy equipment getting near the slab.

The solution to the problem was to have Lee from Lethal Concrete Pumping to set up 250m of steel pipe and pump from the corner of the house. On the day of the pour we had showers all morning and every one of Nucon’s trucks spun there wheels as they reversed up the 130m driveway. We did not get one blockage in the line and the job went without a hitch. I have to compliment all involved as they worked above and beyond under difficult circumstances.

There is no project is too challenging!

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shed slab pour with 250m pump set up at Currumbin Valley